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3 BEST Websites to Hire Remote Metal Musicians

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

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3 Best Websites to Hire Metal Musicians

The music industry has had difficulties since COVID-19 canceled the studio recording. However, in the new normal of over-changing restrictions and regulations, one thing that has not changed is the appetite for creating more metal music.

Maybe you need someone to lay down some beats, add instrumentation, or record vocals, not to worry. Below are the three best sites that will help you hire metal musicians to help you add screams, blast beats, or guitar riffs to your songs.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr was established in 2010 to sell different services, including creative writing, song composition, business marketing, software marketing, and more.

As it is the number one platform of micro-jobs, here you will find metal musicians playing all genres and instruments.

You will find talented musicians on Fiverr at an affordable price with a quick turnaround, but take your time to find a suitable musician since you will also find a lot of amateurs. It is advisable to ask for a sample to weed out metal musician wannabes!

Fiverr has an app, so you can use it on your smartphone and hire a musician at any time.

I am one of the best seller extreme metal vocalists on Fiverr, having completed more than 200 projects and maintaining 5/5-star reviews: Please Feel Free to Check me out!



Easy to navigate

A lot of armatures since there is no vetting

Transparent reviews and pricing

Not exclusively dedicated to music

Established Market

2. SoundBetter

SoundBetter, was owned by Spotify (Spotify sells SoundBetter back to founders in october 2021) , is one of the most well-known platforms among musicians worldwide. Their reservoir of talent includes Emmy, Oscar, and Grammy winners, and they have thousands of reviews. The website is curated with top music talent and is suited for pro and semi-pro with a reasonable budget.

Here you can hire a metal musician for a fee, including performers, producers, mastering engineers, and performers. However, you will most likely pay more; for example, a session of vocal work is around $200 to $250 on average for a single song.

There are many metal musicians but really few in the underground genres, including death, black, and grindcore. Here is my profile!



Free or subscriptions option

It can be more expensive than other services

Great customer support

No underground genres professionals

Backed by Spotify

No app

Wide range of services and top talent

3. Metal for Hire

Metal for hire gives you exclusive access to heavy metal’s premiere musicians from bands like Soilwork, Megadeth, Symphony X, Nile, Overkill, Fear Factor, and more. In addition, you will find services like session musicians, lessons, live musicians, artwork, and many more.

The website is an excellent place to hire a celebrity to add some screams and growls to your songs but be ready to part with big bulk and to wait for a while for responses since most musicians are swamped up with other projects. Please check out my profile!



A lot of celebrity musicians

Take time to receive response

All talent revolve around metal music

No app


With Spotify backing, star power, track record to ensure you get your money’s worth, SoundBetter makes an armature the best choice when you want to hire a metal musician. But, of course, if you have a lower budget for a simple job, then Fiverr is the great peak.

These three sites will be a great place to start in your journey to finding a professional musician for hire online.


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